Dental Sealants

An essential part of keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy is preventive dentistry. The steps we take today can help your child enjoy a healthy smile tomorrow and for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Shital Patel and Dr. Rakesh Patel provide routine dental checkups for children at our Corona dental office every six months, starting around age one. During these appointments, our dentists will check in with your child's oral health to see if any problems are developing. They also enjoy educating parents on the role that oral hygiene and healthy nutrition plays in their child's dental health. 

Dental sealants are another very effective method we offer to help prevent cavities from taking hold and causing long-term damage. When we place sealants on your child’s teeth, we add another layer of protection against the bacteria and acid that cause cavities. 

Why Your Children's Dentist Recommends Sealants

Teeth like molars and premolars are prone to cavities because they have deep grooves that trap food particles and bacteria. A dental sealant is a thin plastic coating that we paint into these tiny grooves to create a smooth surface and forms a protective barrier between the tooth and bacteria.

Dental sealants are the first line of defense in preventing tooth decay, and our Corona children's dentists recommend placing them on baby teeth and healthy adult teeth. Doing so decreases your child's risk of developing painful cavities now and more serious dental problems in the future.

How We Place Dental Sealants

Applying dental sealants doesn’t require any shots or drilling, and the treatment is quick and painless. First, one of our dental hygienists thoroughly cleans the tooth they are treating. Next, they apply an etching liquid that roughens up the tooth’s surface slightly and creates a stronger bond between the sealant and the tooth. 

We then paint the sealant onto the tooth’s surface and use a curing light to set and harden it. The result is a strong protective barrier that seals out food particles and bacteria. Dental sealants won’t mar your child’s smile because they are either white or clear in color. 

Teeth with sealants don’t require any special care, either, so you can just brush and floss your child’s teeth as you usually do. Sealants wear away on their own and last about five years before we need to replace them.

Can Your Child Benefit from Dental Sealants?

As parents, we want our kids to enjoy full and happy, healthy lives and not be slowed down by the discomfort of cavities. Dental sealants are an excellent choice to keep those little smiles healthy because they are easy to apply, and the benefits last for years.

If we haven’t already recommended protective sealants for your child and wonder if they are appropriate, please call our Corona dental office. We will arrange an appointment for you with Dr. Rakesh or Dr. Shital, who will discuss the benefits of sealants and whether or not your child is a good candidate.