Tooth-Colored Fillings

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports that cavities are the most common chronic health problem for children. If your child develops cavities, you need to visit your children’s dentist promptly so they can place a filling to protect the tooth. This holds true even if the decay is in a baby tooth.

That raises one of the most common questions parents ask our Corona pediatric dentist, “If baby teeth fall out anyway, why worry about cavities?”  

The answer is that it is crucial for primary teeth to stay in position until the permanent teeth behind them are ready to erupt. Baby teeth help your child learn to chew their first solid foods and develop proper speaking ability and speech patterns. They also reserve a space for the permanent teeth, and if one is lost to tooth decay, your child may face alignment problems in the future. 

Why We Need to Treat Cavities Right Away

If your child develops a cavity and we don’t treat it right away, it can spread until it reaches deep inside the tooth where the nerves are located and cause a toothache. If we don’t treat the tooth with a filling now, we may eventually need to perform a root canal in the future to save it from extraction. 

Our goal at All Smiles Kids is to make sure we take every step possible to save decayed baby teeth rather than removing them. When we see your child every six months, our children’s dentists can stay on top of problems like tooth decay and provide treatment long before they cause pain.

How We Place a Dental Filling

Our pedodontist Dr. Lan Nguyen understands that you may be a little worried about how your child will react or behave if they need treatment. Rest assured that, as a trained specialist, Dr.Nguyen is an expert in understanding how to treat children and gain their trust.

Before we begin, we will numb your child’s mouth so they don’t feel any pain. Next, we will remove the decayed part of your child’s tooth and apply an etching liquid. This slightly roughens the tooth’s surface to create a strong bond with the filling material.

Dr. Nguyen expertly places durable, tooth-colored filling material in the cleaned-out space, then hardens it with a curing light. The result is a healthier tooth and a filling that no one, not even you, will notice.

While most children feel perfectly comfortable with us once they get to know us, we do offer sedation dentistry for kids at our Corona dental office. If you think your little one would benefit from nitrous oxide or other relaxation, please let us know.

Please Call Us to Book an Appointment

If your child has been acting cranky or out of sorts and you suspect they may have a toothache, please call our Corona dental office to schedule an appointment. Our gentle pediatric dentist will perform an exam to see what’s happening with the tooth and arrange prompt treatment to protect their smile.