Nitrous Oxide & IV Sedation

Our goal at All Smiles Kids is to provide our young patients with the most comfortable, pain-free treatment possible.

As a pedodontist, Dr. Lan Nguyen has specialized training in children's behavior and understands how to treat each child in a way that best suits their age and needs. He is extremely gentle and patient, and once he gains a child's trust, it's often possible to treat them without dental sedation.

However, experience shows us that each child reacts differently to dental visits. Some are engaged and love climbing up in the chair, while others don't want anything to do with us at first. Both are the typical reactions we expect from kids.

However, by offering sedation dentistry, we make it possible for every child to take away positive impressions from the experience. Our goal for our young patients is to feel comfortable, safe, and secure with us, and sedation dentistry is often the key.

Safe Sedation Dentistry for Kids in Corona, CA

We offer three types of sedation at our Corona dental office:

  • Nitrous oxide
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • IV sedation

Each has its benefits, and Dr. Nguyen will explore all the options with you and explain their pros and cons. He will recommend the type that he thinks is appropriate for your child's age, anxiety level, and the treatment he's providing.

Nitrous Oxide or Laughing Gas

Is your child squirmy and fidgety in the dental chair and needs help sitting still? Nitrous oxide at our Corona dental office is safe, mild sedation appropriate for children of all ages. It calms your child and helps them feel relaxed and a little sleepy.

We administer nitrous oxide as a gas that your child inhales through a small mask, and the effects help them relax. Their limbs may feel a little heavy, and they may get silly, but they'll stay nice and calm throughout their procedure.

The effects of nitrous dissipate quickly after we stop administering it, so your child won't experience any drowsy side effects.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is suitable for kids who are more anxious about visiting the dentist. With this type of sedation, our pediatric dentist prescribes a calming medication that you should give to your child at home before their appointment.

With oral sedation, your child will feel very sleepy and relaxed when they arrive at our dental office. They will remain conscious throughout their appointment, but they may be so calm that they drift off to sleep.

The medication used with oral sedation will stay in their system for several hours, so it's best to take them home after their appointment where they can relax and nap.

IV (Intravenous) Sedation

Some kids need more relaxation than nitrous oxide provides, or it might be crucial for them to lie still for certain procedures. This is a situation where we call on the services of our licensed on-staff anesthesiologist, who is trained and certified to administer IV sedation for children safely.

With IV sedation in Corona, CA, your child will be semi-conscious and will likely sleep comfortably and painlessly through their appointment. Our dentist can perform multiple procedures efficiently and safely, and your child won't remember what happened.

The anesthesiologist and our dental team will monitor your child continually while they're sedated to ensure their safety and comfort.

Can Your Child Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

Your little one's health, safety, and well-being are our highest priorities at All Smiles Kids. With a trained pediatric dentist who knows and understands your child's needs and a licensed anesthesiologist, we can help any child get safe, comfortable dental care and still maintain a positive attitude about dentistry.

If you think your child can benefit from sedation dentistry at our Corona pediatric dental office, please let us know!