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Can I accompany my child into the treatment area during his visit?

Some parents find that their child has a more successful visit if they remain in the waiting room and allow our pediatric dentists and staff to develop a rapport with their child without dividing their attention between the staff and parents. Other parents, especially those who have very young children, find it comforting to both themselves and the child to join in the visit.

You know your child best, and we always appreciate your input as to how the best way to treat your child. On their first visit, we allow parents to accompany their children into our treatment area; for subsequent visits, we will create a plan with you that best suits you and your child's needs.

With a child under the age of three, we generally prefer you that you stay with them during the appointment. If you accompany your child, we ask that you be a supportive but silent observer. This allows our pediatric dentists and highly trained staff the opportunity to communicate directly to your child and guide him or her through the appointment.

In either case, Dr. Shital and Dr. Rakesh will discuss your child's treatment personally with you, and you are always welcome to ask any questions you have about your child's dental care.

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