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Is IV sedation safe for my child?

IV sedation is not only safe for children, but sometimes it's the best way for an anxious or special needs child to get the dental treatment they need.

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation delivers a sedative intravenously to provide the highest level of relaxation possible for children who need extra assistance getting through their dental procedures. It's most ideal for these patients:

  • Children with severe dental phobia or anxiety
  • Those with bad gagging reflexes
  • Patients who have physical or mental special needs
  • Children with complex dental treatment plans that require multiple procedures

During IV sedation, our licensed in-office anesthesiologist delivers the medication through an IV while constantly monitoring your child's heart rate and vital signs throughout their procedures. So even though they're semi-conscious, your child will feel like they've slept comfortably throughout their appointment.

Your child's comfort and safety are always our top priority at All Smiles Orthodontics & Children's Dentistry. IV sedation in Corona, CA, is an excellent way for kids to receive the dental care they need without causing unnecessary distress or discomfort.

If you feel your child might benefit from sedation dentistry in Corona, contact us at (951) 898-8845 to learn more about our dental sedation options. 



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