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Can pacifiers cause dental health problems?

Many parents use pacifiers as a tool for comforting infants. If it soothes your baby, it's not wrong to give them a pacifier.

However, the prolonged use of a pacifier as your baby gets older and begins to get their teeth can eventually lead to problems in the future.

Sucking on a pacifier can actually push small teeth forward, changing their alignment and impacting their adult teeth's future arrival and alignment.

As your baby gets older, limiting their use of the pacifier may help them give it up more quickly in the future. Perhaps you consider only letting them use the pacifier for falling asleep at bedtime or using it for other specific times when your child needs comfort.

Prolonged use of a pacifier or finger sucking for comfort can be problematic in the future. However, as long as parents are aware of this, they can help their little one successfully manage the habit and learn other self-soothing tools. 

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