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What needs would prompt me to bring my infant to the dentist?

At All Smiles Orthodontics and Children's Dentistry, our usual recommendation is to start treating little ones when their first tooth has erupted. But is important to note that oral health does go into effect even before that time. For example, certain habits may form in infancy, impacting their teeth and gums early on.

This is why we recommend gently cleaning your infant's gums with your finger or a soft infant's washcloth daily. While this excises any remaining formula or breast milk from their mouths that might nourish bacteria, it also normalizes the act of touching and examining the insides of their mouths, which helps enormously when they first visit our Corona dental office.

Some Childhood Habits That Threaten Teeth

We understand that many infants develop finger and pacifier habits, but we warn against allowing those habits to remain over the long term. This is because pacifier suction and its constant presence can impact their tooth alignments and how their mouths grow.

For young children who drink more sugary liquids, especially fruit juices or milk, a lack of cleaning their mouths and early teeth may lead to Early Childhood Caries (ECC). Caries is an area of tooth decay that can quickly impact baby teeth. The risk is compounded if your baby uses a bottle at night or during naps.

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